San Francisco, California

Jane Hu is a photographer based out of San Francisco who uses her images to tell stories, typically ones of hope and awe in the middle of a mundane or unsettling environment. She frequently examines the concept of time, capturing people and performers seemingly frozen in the middle of their craft or the ageless graciousness of the urban landscape. A storyteller and content creator by training — she has previously held executive positions at Disney and YouTube, and produced Emmy-nominated digital TV shows — she enjoys the challenge of reducing a linear narrative into a singular image or series of images.

Her portraits and projects have been featured in Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, Spirit Magazine, Prefix Magazine, The San Francisco Examiner, SFArts, SFGate, The Huffington Post, Fortune, Nature Medicine, Fast Company, The Nation, and other publications.

Her images have also appeared in solo and group photography shows across the United States, including at the Cincinnati Museum of Art.

She periodically works with clients such as travel organizations, arts and events groups, nonprofits, and corporations. Some you may have heard of: National Geographic, Google, Adobe, WeWork, Princess Cruise Lines, Grace Cathedral, and the Burning Man Project.

She is a frequent public speaker on digital media and content at conferences and festivals around the world. She is on the boards of SOMArts and Art Works for Change, and has a BS, MA, and MBA from Stanford University.

For press, commissions, prints, collaborations, and other inquiries, please email jane (at) janehu (dot) com or via Instagram @plainjane